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Real OP Ends 2024 Preseason

Real OP concluded its first preseason Saturday after playing a total of 3 friendlies over the month of March against FC Kenya and fellow Select League clubs Leawood Forest and Olathe United. While having to rotate the squad each game due to a few first-team player absences, the team was able to gain positive results from the matches and continue building chemistry in preparation for the 2024 regular season.

Real OP friendly vs Olathe United

“I am really proud of the guys and their hard work and perseverance during the preseason. While playing without main players in each game isn’t ideal, we were able to give valuable minutes to other members in our squad, and they also had promising results as well.  Overall the guys showed real promise of being a top team in the league this year. I am really optimistic for all we can accomplish this season.” – Co-Owner Michael Nichols


Nichols also noted the high level of play and competitiveness in games against Select League clubs. “Both Leawood and Olathe have tremendous talent and are really coalescing into really strong teams. The intensity and level of play was really high in both games. It was back and forth pretty consistently. There wasn’t much of a better team when we played, which makes me really excited for this season, all the teams should be really good and the road to first place for any team will definitely not be easy.”


Real OP will open their 2024 campaign with their home opener against Liberty FC on April 6th at 5pm, kicking off what is sure to be an exciting and promising season for the young club.

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